BeLaw provides advice on all legal, financial, tax  and commercial aspects relating to local and international productions.

Combining a full service legal offer with industry expertise, Belaw is singled out by its clients for its comprehensive and unrivalled advice. BeLaw provides assistance in project development (e.g. option literary agreements, writers agreements, development agreements and forth), financing (e.g. financial agreements, access to soft money, completion bond, collection agremeents and forth), production (e.g. all range of production agreements, clearences, insurances, guilds and unions, visas, talents and forth), distribution and explopitation (e.g. licences, distribution, sales agency and forth).

BeLaw closely follows all the latest developments in the media sector, paying particular attention to the digital environment.

BeLaw also provides expert advice on the legislative and industry challenges for the media industry and supports its clients in the relations with trade associations and institutions at national, European and international level.

BeLaw provides its clients with expert and comprehensive professional advice and its full service legal assistance covers the whole spectrum of issues relating to digital, information & comunication technology and social media including users interaction and data protection, copyright and intellectual property, consumer protection, exploitation of user generated content, provider liability, IT services, softwares, data acquisition, e-commerce (b2b and b2c), content digital distribution, digital media and social networks, defamation, digital reputation and domain names.

BeLaw assists artists, galleries, private collectors, foundations, institutes, public and private archives, its advice also covering artworks of historical, artistic and archaeological interest. BeLaw assistance covers all legal, financial and commercial aspects associated with artworks including the relations with public entities.

BeLaw advices authors, musicians, performers, music publishing companies, recording producers in relation to all stages of development, production and exploitation of music shows, musical repertoires and concerts and in managing the relation with the collecting societies at national and international level.

BeLaw provides its clients with comprehensive advice on the collection and protection of data, with a significant experience in the processing of personal data and protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector also for profiling purposes (including customer relationship management). BeLaw legal offer covers all regulatory and legislative aspects associated with privacy and personal data protection issues.

BeLaw assists its clients in all areas related to advertising, including sponsorships, promotions, product placement, branded entertainment, digital advertising, as well as misleading and comparative advertising. The assistance ranges from commercial and contractual (e.g. advertising platform agreements, advertising exchange agreements, affiliate network subscription on automated platforms agreements) to regulatory matters relating to authomatic data collection tools (e.g. cookies).

BeLaw advices clients operating in the traditional and digital publishing industry in all stages of development, production, financing and exploitation. BeLaw legal offer covers all regulatory and legislative aspects associated with the publishing industry.

BeLaw clients are talent agencies, actors, directors, writers, athletes and talents operating in any field. The full service legal offer is combined with industry expertise to provide a comprehensive and unrivalled assistance for talents.

BeLaw assists authors, performers, orchestras and theater producers with the development and distribution of theater productions, musicals and stage shows and in the relation with collecting societies at national and international level. BeLaw also provides expert advice on the legislative and industry challenges for the theater industry.

BeLaw provides assistance and advice in the area of intellectual property (trademarks, patents, know-how, database, designs, trade secrets, unfair competition and forth), its advice ranging from application and registration to exploitation and enforcement. Belaw has a significant experience in litigation relating to unfair competition and traditional and on line infringements of intellectual property rights.

BeLaw provides expert legal advice in all areas of gambling and betting, including on line games. BeLaw’s expertise in advertising and other areas (like I&CT, e-commerce, broadcasting, data protection, digital and social media) covers all matters ranging from commercial to regulatory issues and litigation, this being an added value for its clients.


Bank Regulation
Media Law
Civil Law
Commercial Law
Intellectual property
Competition Law
Advertising Law
Information and Communication Technology Law
Media Law
Finance Law
Industrial property rights
Enforcement and data protection

Litigation (Administrative, Civil and Commercial)
Proceeding before Independent Authorities (such as AGCM, AGCOM, Garante Privacy) and self-regulatory bodies (Istituto Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria)

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